Goals and Objectives

APL’s STEM Program Management Office centers on helping more students realize their potential in STEM-related fields. Making sure more diverse, talented STEM professionals are prepared for APL and other Central Maryland organizations to hire is also at the top of our list. By developing problem solvers and critical thinkers who can make much-needed contributions in STEM, APL is making an investment in our country’s future workforce and ensuring that America’s next generation of STEM professionals is well prepared for the nation’s challenges ahead. Our staff and volunteers are committed to encouraging middle and high school students to select and successfully complete STEM prerequisite coursework and choose a STEM major in college. A key program goal is to support the professional development of elementary, middle, and high school teachers and equip them with the knowledge and tools to inspire a passion for STEM in their students. Integral to every APL STEM enterprise is the development of measurement tools that allow APL to benchmark program effectiveness against local and national standards.


Inside APL, a major endeavor of the STEM Program Management Office is mustering the talent and know-how of our STEM professionals, who are eager to devote their time to making a difference in the lives of students through the APL STEM Corps. The APL STEM Corps is a group of dedicated APL STEM volunteers who help in the community by mentoring students, judging science fairs, working with teachers to help develop curriculum, and conducting in-class demonstrations and STEM fair presentations. Our goal is to provide students, parents, and teachers with meaningful exposure to STEM professionals and their work—and to instill in STEM students the sense of discovery and adventure we experience in the work we do. We want to share with them how learning STEM skills—and seeing them put to use in the real world—can lead to an exciting and rewarding lifetime of accomplishments that create a better future for our nation and the planet.