Why STEM at APL?

APL STEM Program Management Office (PMO)
APL’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Program Management Office (PMO) is committed to helping students develop their potential in STEM-related fields. Our primary goal is to provide students, parents, and teachers with opportunities for meaningful connection with STEM professionals and the work they do. Through the STEM Program, APL leverages its affiliation with the Johns Hopkins University as well as its relationships with government, industry, and academia to offer powerful learning experiences and capabilities to STEM students. Use this website to learn more about APL programs and events, our staff, and our partner organizations. For more information, see our list of FAQs or contact APL’s STEM Program Management Office.

APL STEM Corps is a group of dedicated APL STEM volunteers who help in the community with student mentoring, science fair judging, in-class demonstrations, and STEM fair presentations. Our goal is to provide students, parents, and teachers with meaningful exposure to STEM professionals and their work—and to instill in STEM students the sense of discovery and adventure we experience in the work we do. We want to share with them how exciting and rewarding the experience of learning STEM skills—and seeing them put to use in the real world—can be. APL STEM Corps is just one of many ways in which APL reaches out to the community to promote STEM education.