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Precision Strike at APL employs people with appropriate skills, interests, and experience from across APL, most of whom are members of APL's Force Projection Department (FPD).

FPD hosts two mission-focused organizations (Precision Strike and Strategic Deterrence). Although there is a broad mix of disciplines within Precision Strike, most of the professional staff are engineers or scientists. Formal education levels range from bachelor's degrees to Ph.D.s. A large number of staff have previous military or industry experience.

Most of the staff who support Precision Strike programs have education, skills, experience, and expertise in the following disciplines:

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Systems Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Engineering

These staff members engage in the full range of system development, including:

Concept development
System requirements

Software development
System integration
System testing and evaluation

Some of the technical specialties of the staff working in Precision Strike are as follows:

Sensor data processing and management
Guidance and navigation systems
Mapping and geodesy
Mission planning
Weapon control
Human systems integration

Command, control, and communications
Electronic jamming
System architecture
Software development
Modeling and simulation

Precision Strike programs and FPD have a number of permanent field sites and offices intended to better support our sponsors and related organizations. A partial list includes:

  • Naval Air Systems Command at Lexington Park Naval Air Warfare Center in Maryland
  • Headquarters Air Combat Command and Air Force Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Center at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia
  • Counterair Joint Systems Program Office at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida
  • Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center at Fallon, NV
  • U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Systems Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
  • Raytheon Systems Company, Tucson, AZ

Other APL departments and programs also have field sites at various locations around the world that we can use, as needed.

(For a brief desciption of the composition of the APL staff as a whole, see Our Staff.)