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APL's National Security Space (NSS) Mission Area designs innovative space solutions for critical military and intelligence challenges. We develop and execute experimental missions, build space instruments, provide technical advice, and produce applications and tools tailored to meet the needs of the modern warfighter. Through our rich legacy of excellence and a deep-rooted systems engineering culture, we provide innovative engineering, advanced technology development, and technical advice to organizations within the national security community.

Our agility and responsiveness, coupled with exceptional partnering and service, create an environment where APL's innovations can result in breakthrough solutions.

Space is a critical element of the nation's strategic posture, and our work reflects our understanding of that role today and in the future. We are developing effective space-based solutions for our nation's critical challenges, including weather, reconnaissance, surveillance, space control, missile defense, and homeland security. We are also providing enhanced space support for combat forces in navigation, communications, and targeting.


We are in the business of solving critical problems and contributing to national security challenges. With new initiatives focused on responsiveness and reduced costs, APL has developed partnerships with diverse teams of industry, academia, and government for new and ongoing solutions.

Our systems engineering-based organization creates an efficient environment where teamwork and collaboration can flourish. APL/NSS prides itself on being a valued team member and working seamlessly with our partners: DoD or Intelligence Community (IC) organizations, industry, Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs), other University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs), and contractors.

Our work pursuits mirror the security needs of the nation. Our work reflects a depth of expertise that allows us to take on a surprisingly broad range of programs, and our sponsor base includes most of the nation's pivotal government agencies and a select group of premier commercial companies.