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APL is known by the quality of our people and innovations. Our experience affords us a unique position within the community as providers of end-to-end capabilities and as a trusted agent to advise our sponsors.

APL is committed to being the best. Our scientists and engineers leverage our space system expertise and the Laboratory's understanding of the operational needs of the warfighter with our technical service infrastructure to offer innovative, end-to-end solutions. At the core of our knowledge base are staff who understand DoD and IC space requirements and have worked for the organizations we serve. This expertise brings hands-on knowledge of customer needs and provides unique insight into partnerships.

Our innovation is the result of our most valuable resource: our people.


As a partner, APL/NSS offers a wide range of capabilities:

Trusted Agents

  • Providing studies and trusted agent advice
  • Providing data analyses and decision aids

Technical Direction Agent  

Advanced Technology Demonstrations

  • Experiments  
  • Instrument building

Implementation of Space Missions

  • Mission design
  • Building, integrating, and testing space and ground systems
  • Algorithms and software for leveraging space-borne data
  • Operations


The expertise that APL/NSS brings to a partnership includes advanced technology; highly qualified, technically diverse teams; hands-on operational knowledge of the military and security environments; and a basic systems engineering approach. Our experienced scientists work closely with our engineers to ensure the best possible outcome of any project, mission, or experiment. We offer an outstanding creative staff, augmented by world-class facilities, and the ability to develop effective solutions to difficult problems through our core capabilities:

  • Algorithm Development, Signal Processing, and Data Fusion
  • Data Acquisition, Processing, Analysis, Distribution, and Archiving
  • Defense Analysis and Applications
  • Experiment and Mission Concept Development and Execution
  • Integrated End-to-End Program/Mission Management
  • Physics-Based Modeling of Defense-Related Phenomenology
  • Science Instrument Development
  • Sensing Across the Spectrum, to include Electro-Optical and Radar Remote Sensing
  • Sensor Prototyping for Demonstration of Utility to National Security
  • Space and Ground Systems Engineering
  • Space Mission Design, Guidance, and Control
  • Space Systems Development and Operation
  • Technical Direction Agent Providing Independent Analysis and Assessment
  • Terrestrial and Space Weather Effects on National Security Operations
  • Transition of Prototypes to Industry

Our capabilities are broad and deep, leveraging our space system expertise and the Laboratory's understanding of the operational needs of the warfighter. We offer services throughout the life cycle of any program, from inception and design to mission operations and data analysis.