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Enhancing national security through the application of space science and technology

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APL Launches a New Generation of Small Satellites

On November 19, 2013, APL introduced a new generation of small satellites with the launch of two experimental “cubesats” designed for a range of national security and space science operations.

TacSat-4 Successfully Launched

TacSat-4 was successfully launched September 27, 2011, from the Kodiac Launch Complex, Kodiak Island, Alaska. The spacecraft bus was built by NRL and APL to mature ORS bus standards. It was developed by an Integrated (government and industry) Systems Engineering Team.

Watch the TacSat-4 Mission Video (MOV - 76M)

Programs in APL's National Security Space Mission Area focus on space solutions to critical national security challenges. We develop and conduct innovative experimental missions, build space instruments, and produce new applications to meet warfighter needs. We offer innovative engineering, advanced technology development, and a deep-rooted systems engineering culture. Significant experience in both civil and national security space programs means we leverage capabilities and accomplishments from NASA programs to address national security space capability gaps and needs. As part of a Department of Defense (DoD)-sponsor-based organization, our National Security Space work also benefits from synergy with other APL mission areas.