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APL’s National Health Mission Area seeks to understand the complex, multidisciplinary technical and operational capabilities needed to fundamentally transform health by applying our expertise in understanding health determinants and leveraging our deep knowledge of complex, multidisciplinary technical and operational capability gaps to develop and deliver scalable, sustainable, and resilient systems solutions to a broad spectrum of end users. We will focus on:

APL Helps Revolutionize Prosthetics
  • Developing advanced analytical techniques to transform approaches to precision medicine and public health
  • Creating a highly reliable learning health system
  • Optimizing human protection, performance, and restoration of function
  • Strengthening global health stability through improved access to enabling technologies in all care environments

Mission Area Executive:
Sezin Palmer
Phone: 240-228-8913
E-mail: Sezin.Palmer@jhuapl.edu

Chief Engineer:
Alan Ravitz
Phone: 240-228-8829
E-mail: Alan.Ravitz@jhuapl.edu

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Systems Engineering Program Area

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