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rocket blast from shipAPL maintains operational and technical end-to-end system expertise across the air and missile defense missions (national and theater ballistic missile defense as well as area defense and self defense against aircraft, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles). Our diverse and experienced staff have the prerequisite operational experience and technical knowledge to define, develop and test elements in the Detect—Control—Engage functional domains and integrate them into highly effective weapon systems.

We work in modern laboratories and facilities, using the latest technologies, modeling and simulation techniques, and instrumentation for conducting critical experiments. Staff members are encouraged to gain hands-on experience with the employment of AMD systems by participating in critical experiments in the field and working alongside operational users.rocket

Over 76% of AMD's technical staff have advanced degrees. Predominant professions are electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. This core is enhanced with mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists, and lesser numbers in other technical and scientific professions. We emphasize sustained professional education, development, and growth for our people, who with their skills make up the AMD and Laboratory core competencies. Staff development programs are designed to rapidly assimilate new and early career staff members. They include extensive orientation and mentoring programs and continuing education opportunities. The Whiting School of Engineering, an academic division of The Johns Hopkins University, offers on-site and local graduate education programs designed to accommodate full-time working professionals.