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APL’s Commitment to Diversity

Management Support

The success of APL’s mission demands quality and versatility in its staff. To ensure that success, we must attract and retain highly talented staff. Fundamental to the success of APL’s envisioned future is an environment that encourages creativity, is rich in diversity of thought, and promotes inclusion of new ideas. This kind of environment can only exist if APL is a place where race, gender, religion, or other such characteristics do not define talent, and where our staff are distinguished by their diversity.

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“Diversity of ideas is key to the analytical, scientific approach that drives the success of much APL’s work,” says one APL supervisor. “Diversity of ideas comes from having a diverse population—diverse in ethnicity, gender, degrees, schools attended, employment history, and other individual differences.”

The Diversity Working Group

The Diversity Working Group (DWG) was established more than 10 years ago to define the actions needed from supervisors and managers to achieve the envisioned commitment to diversity. The DWG makes recommendations to the Laboratory’s Executive Council for approval and helps implement recommendations. Its role is to advise and assist all levels of management to ensure a truly diverse staff.

Specifically, the role of the DWG is to:

“The concept of diversity is about understanding each other and exploring our differences in a positive environment.”

  • Review statistics on existing staff, recruitment, hiring, staff development, and attrition and monitor APL’s progress in reaching its diversity objectives
  • Develop and implement new programs and activities that help supervisors and managers carry out APL’s diversity objectives
  • Reach out to women and minorities to understand their points of view and encourage discussion on topics that impact the climate of APL
  • Interact with the Diversity Management and Employee Relations (DMER) Section, the Women and Minority Advisory Council (WMAC), and other Employee Resource Groups within APL.